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Shortly after we found out I was pregnant we gathered what we had for baby photos and got to daydreaming. We spent hours giggling over what this little baby growing inside me would look like. What would her personality be? Would she take on his traits or mine? A combo of both? My favorite photographs are the ones of my mom embracing me with the same beaming smile on our faces. Thus the idea for Little Tribe Diaries was born. I seek to capture the real, honest moments, the beauty of the imperfection and pure honesty of not only what your lives look like but the connection between you and your child(ren), between siblings, a beloved childhood pet. 


Here are a couple promises I can make you...
-You don't have to worry about having your house being professionally cleaned nor picking out perfect matching outfits for the whole family to wear.
-There won't be standard poses or smiles or anything traditional. That's not what Little Tribe Diaries is about.
-I'm there to capture the authentic moments of your every day lives. This can be in your home or a meaningful and even adventurous location. 
-Our time together will be very relaxed. I'm super easy going and I'm there to help everyone feel comfortable. We might swap stories over a cup a tea before we get started and share some laughs or even tears together.
-You will walk away with photographs that tell a story of what this moment, right now- in your lives look like-so that in years to come you can look back on this time and remember. So that when your children grow up and perhaps decide to try and have kiddos of their own they too can spend their days daydreaming of what the future holds.